Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy is a treatment based on manipulating the soft tissue structures within the body to alleviate pain from muscular tension or restriction and correcting imbalances to restore your body back to you. Our bodies are our mode of transport through life and thus through sports massage therapy we can help restore and keep them in their optimum condition

Aches and pains within the body can happen for a number of different reasons and where we initially treat to provide relief from symptoms, my purpose is to find the root cause and thus provide additional rehabilitation outside of the treatment. Treatments are also based around maintenance so you do not have to be in pain to come and see us, a regular sports massage treatment helps prevent injury and can promote general better health and wellbeing. The goal is to keep you doing the things you love for the long term.

It’s not just for sports enthusiasts, everyone can benefit from a treatment of which is tailored to suit an individual. Typical reasons clients may have a sports massage treatment could be for lower back pain, tennis elbow, neck and shoulder tension, migraines and headaches, knee pain and rotator cuff pain. 

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation

I offer IASTM treatments to clients whom would benefit from this technique or on specific request. The tools have many appealing factors such as maximising the short term healing benefits you will experience and the increased stimulation of the repair process. Where the tools may look unappealing, clients report to have greater restoration of range of movement post treatment and reduced pain. The process involves the blade to be scanned across your body of which sends feedback to me to highlight restrictions.  Smaller frictions are then applied to treat the affected area. There is often bruising which is a sign of healing response and should become less visible after approximately 48 hours. As the technique can only be applied for 2 minutes on a specific area it is incorporated with other hands on sports massage treatment to gain all round benefits.


✓ Reduce muscle tension and alleviate pain

✓ Increase range of motion, to enhance capability

✓  Increase blood flow and promotes recovery

✓  Prevents injury and benefits performance

✓  Enhance psychological wellbeing such as reducing stress 

✓  Promotes better quality sleep

What to expect

An initial assessment is held at your first appointment so treatment can be tailored towards the needs of your body. A variety of hands on massage techniques are then applied using facial wax to the soft tissue as required. Where you may feel some tenderness and discomfort during treatment, I am trained to work within the limits of your pain threshold and adapt to the feedback from your muscles to achieve a state of relaxation. Post treatment I will advise on further rehab that may be required and educate on any feedback from your body that I have picked up during the treatment. Overall, the aim is to restore your body back to its functioning potential.  


45 minute treatment   £40

60 minute treatment   £50

90 minute treatment   £70